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Computer Services

Computer repairsWe do a full mobile computer service in and around Brisbane and the Southside including trouble diagnosis, upgrades, network setup, Internet setup, new machines, computer cleaning, training and scheduled maintenance for businesses to keep their I.T behaving at all times. We have a flat rate, with a minimum of 1 hour just to cover our booking & travel costs. In the unlikely event we can’t solve it, or your not satisfied with the service there’s simply no charge (excluding parts) fair enough? Call us today on 0402 544 701 and let’s see what we can do for you.

Our payment options are credit card, cash, BPay, direct deposit or cheque.

We also provide small tips and tricks on how I do things from time to time, checkout the Youtube channel for tips and tricks or the blog articles.


Custom built desktop computers

Computer build completeIn our lives we spend enough time waiting at the lights, for the kids to get ready for school and in line at the post office. The last thing you should be waiting for is something that is supposed to make you more productive. Our passion is in technology, through and through. We hand build our new custom desktop computers to very strict specifications based on your needs whilst exclusively using high quality parts. We take pride in assembling the machine taking time to hand pick all the components for each individual build. Much like an exotic sports car, you can’t mass produce hand made systems with cookie cutter methods such as bought from the usual major brands bought off the shelf. The results at the end of the day will speak for themselves with a computer that has insane speed, efficiency, and hardware you will make full use of. All our new hand build desktop computers are fully warranted by us in case of any defects related to the original build (excludes specific parts, as this is covered by the part manufacturers warranty).

When you buy a new computer off the shelf, you’ll find it has a bunch of programs already preinstalled. This is called bloatware, stuff you don’t want / didn’t ask for. Major computer brands have deals with software companies to pre-install trial versions of their software in the hopes that you’ll buy it because it’s already there. Since we are only human, and since its easier to click on the buy now rather than researching what is actually the best most people just do exactly that.

All our custom desktop systems come squeaky clean of bloatware, we simply install only the essential freeware programs needed to keep your system lean and fit when it arrives. Things like a video player, PDF reader, firefox/chrome, and ESET Antivirus (paid extra) if you’ve asked for it or it comes in a bundle with a special. The above doesn’t apply to laptops since they come directly from the manufacturer in a sealed box unless (for a fee) you wish to have us set it up and cleanse it first before re-delivery to you. We diligently hand pick the parts to perfectly suit your budget and what you need the PC for right down to monitor size and picking your case that suits your style.


Custom built Gaming Machines

Gaming machineJust like an exotic car with so much torque and horsepower that just leaves anything else behind, a custom built gaming machine will deliver the power needed to run the latest games in smoothness that would challenge a babys skin. It would be our pleasure to build you a gaming machine with speed and style to help you delete your online adversaries aswell as getting your work done in record time.


Antivirus / Computer Security

Computer SecurityStaying safe while using your device or computer to access online world is absolutely essential, you really need to have good antivirus and firewall software to protect your digital life. We use and recommend ESET suite of Antivirus, Smart Security and Mobile security software (yes your phone can be infected too!). These can be ordered from the links in the menu above and from there you can select your subscription duration and number of computers to protect. When the subscription is nearing its expiration you will simply get an email reminder from us to renew.
If you think you might be infected and need to do an urgent scan now, you can use ESET’s free online scanner tool found here then you might consider purchasing a license afterwards for full time protection of your digital life.


Custom Software, Database development & Administration

Database Administration & Development We can design databases to the highest quality with many years experience in developing very large and complex databases for clients. Whether it be in Microsoft Access, SQL Server or MySQL please contact us to see how we can develop new or administer any existing databases for you. Database design and development is provided on a quotation basis for a given design or database development. We can also build small customized software tools suitable for web or desktop based applications, backed with databases if needed to your fit your needs. Whether it be for business automation, process efficiency or you just need a special tool or database to do something specific. Please contact us and let’s see how we can help. Generally our development work is done on a quotation basis for a given set of requirements, we’ll quote the work needed and provide a written quote to complete it.

Have any questions? Check out the FAQ for more answers or if you can’t find it there to ask.


“If your computer is not as fast as you are, you might as well use a pen and paper.” – Dan