Internet Services


domain-namesWhat is a domain? a domain is the address you type into your browser to find websites, such as,, etc. We sell 73 types of domains called extensions like .com .net .li .org and so on. Once a domain is registered, it works like a lease so it’s yours until you don’t want it anymore or someone offers to buy it from you. There are restrictions on certain types of extensions as each one is managed by different entities called registries, such as some may require that you are a resident or business of that particular country for example you have to be an Australian Business with an ABN you can’t register a without one. Also choosing the right domain name that resonates with your business is the first step towards getting good search results so people can find you in Google.

Email Hosting

Once you have a domain name you can create custom email inboxes, such as with our email hosting. This doesn’t serve a webpage but only allows sending and recieving of email. To have a website and emails, you need a web hosting plan.

Disk Space Price
Per Inbox 5GB $15 Order Now

Web Hosting

HostsOnce you have registered your domain name, you need a dedicated computer behind it to serve your visitors your web page called a server. These are usually online 24/7 (unless offline for maintenance) to constantly be available when your customers want to visit your site, domains & hosting go hand in hand. We offer fully managed hosting packages that are geared for small businesses and individuals wanting their own web site and need to get a start online. You can’t order hosting on it’s own without a domain, you either need to have one from another provider or we can register one for you during Australian Servers All our servers are proudly Australian based so your data stays here in the country helping us support other Australian Internet Infrastructure providers. International customers are also of course very welcome to host with us as well.
ProValue and ProSilver plans are fixed plans with set resources so you know what your paying for upfront. Though if you need extra you you can purchase more disk space and bandwidth for each as an addon upgrade, please see the extra pricing table further below for more details. Both plans can have up to 2 emails, split however which way you want with the web space.

Disk Space Bandwidth Price
ProValue 500MB 5GB $9.99 / Month Order Now
ProSilver 1GB 20GB $19.99 / Month Order Now