Router Limits – Internet Parental Control



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Main Features

Internet Access Scheduling

Just colour in the grid to determine when devices in groups are allowed to access the Internet (or specific websites) for each day in a week.

Track Browsing History

The Router Limits Mini keeps up to 90 days of Internet access logs for each device so you can keep an eye on what the kiddos are looking at.

Filter Content

Extend the Internet access functionality but controlling access to only specific categories or websites during specific times. Such as access restricted to educational sites only during homework time.

Internet Kill-switch

You can pause Internet access for a specific device or a whole group of devices at once for dinner, chores or just because you just can’t get their attention.



Safe Search

You can easily enforce Google & Bing safe search functionality, to automatically exclude explicit content from search results.


So How does it work?

These little beauties just plug into your router at home, and give you, the parents full control of all devices of who and can access the internet and when from anywhere (i.e your phone), making sure the homework gets done before any Facebook, Playstation or Youtubing. You can set automatic schedules, access to only specific website categories, or cut off the internet completely to any specific device on demand from your pocket.

What is the price? Are there any ongoing costs?

Yes. There are 2 subscription plans to choose from. You only need to purchase the device, plug it in, name the devices that are detected on your network (so you can identify them) and activate it by creating your account to manage the device remotely. The subscription also covers mobile devices. More information available at


What about if the kids disconnect the WiFi and use 4G data from their phones / tablet instead?

The Router Limits Mini device can only control internet access for devices that are connected directly to the network (WiFi or computers plugged in). If the mobile device goes out of range or moves to 4G or manually disconnects from the WiFi – there’s a solution for that and it requires a phone app. This app installed on the device will enforce your rules even when outside of the network, say at school or out and about. However a subscription is needed for this app and its  only one subscription that covers an unlimited number of Apple or Android devices.


Okay, so the app can enforce the rules when outside of the home. How does that work?

Once you install the app and upgrade to a single Plus subscription to cover unlimited devices, simply login with your account on the kids phone with the app installed and Router Limits then applies the rules you have already set up (such as Internet access schedules and website categories) to the device. Access to this part of the app can be password controlled by you, the parent, so kids can’t change any settings.


Can I see what the websites the kids are going to?

Yes! the device tracks all the websites all the devices access and keeps the logs for 90 days. You can also login and view the access in real time.