Here you will find commonly asked questions we recieve about many of our products and services.
If you can’t find what your looking for try contacting us, thanks!

Computer Services

What are your service areas?

All of Brisbane metro area, Redlands and Brisbane Southside.

Do you have callout fees?

No we don’t have any callout fees, only a 1 hour minimum on-site cost.

How much do you charge?

Please contact us for pricing.


Web Hosting

What types of hosting plans do you have?

All our website hosting plans are on shared plans, this means you are allocated your plan resources however other websites may share the same server as you.

Do you have dedicated servers?

Dedicated servers are much more expensive and are geneally for larger websites and businesses that have their own IT or technical department to manage it. At the moment we do not offer this option however we may in the future.



What is a gTLD and whats this about new GTLDs?

gTLD stands are Generic Top Level Domain, and is the pool of names we come to know and love on the Internet such as .com, .net, .info, etc. These gTLDs have been around a long time, and esepcially with .com, getting a nice short and sweet name is increasing hard to come by. So in 2011 the ICANN (the governing body that looks after this domain ecosystem) has decided to add new gTLDs which better aligns names and the purpose of the site behind the names much more easily. So for example if you can’t get johnspub.com, you can get johns.pub. The .pub is a new gTLD and allows pub owners to buy their business name under it. There are many others such as .store, .host, .computer, to see the full list have a look at our domain registration page

What are the restrictions to buying a domain?

Some domains have certain restrictions imposed on them such as to register a .com.au, you must have an Australian ABN and be a registrered business entity in Australia. The fields will be shown what is needed when you select a certain domain and attempt to purchase it. For the most part, most gTLDs don’t have any restrictions and any individual can register their own domain name.



Can you create websites?

Yes we can, we mainly cater for small businesses that need an online presence for customers to easily find you and promote what your about, contact us to discuss your needs.

How much do you charge for a website?

That largely depends on what content you need on the website, how many pages, if you have a logo ready to go etc. As a ball park to give you a idea, an average 4 page wordpress theme with content is about $1,000-$1,500 + hosting & a domain. For an hourly rate we can do custom work or changes to your existing website.

Who looks after my site?

Once you have your website online, if we host it aswell we keep it online by managing the server and all the technical stuff, however for a hourly rate we can make any changes for you if you need any made.

Do you backup my files and emails?

Yes we do weekly backups as a value-added benefit to all plans, however please don’t rely on it for certainty. As with all systems we’ll do our very best to keep everything backed up however we cannot be held responsible for any data loss and its up to you to ensure you keep a copy of your own data on your computer.


ESET Antivirus & Smart Security

Argh, I think I’ve got a virus.. what do I do now?

2 Things, firstly do a scan with a good online scanner tool such as this eset online scanner tool and run it. Once the scan is complete and your happy with the removal results, consider purchasing a smart security suite license from us to stay protected at all times from online threats or take a look at our other ESET suite offerings

Do you offer discounts for large volumes of licenses, government or non-profits?

Yes we can provide 50% discount for goverment and non-profits with all the ESET suite of products.

Okay I’ve just bought an ESET license, what happens now?

Firsly you’ll get an email confirmation of your order, followed by an email from Eset with your license information within the next 24 hours. Simply copy and paste the key into your software and activate it. Easy, done.


Custom Programming / Software / Databases

I need a program written to do a specific task for my business / organization. Can you provide that service?

Certainly, we specialize in writing small tools for organizations to get over hurdles where they can’t find a software solution anywhere else that does the job or simply need something custom made. Contact us with your issue and we’ll see how we can help. Some of our previous happy clients are towing companies, panel beaters, concretors and even some charity work for the Redlands SES volunteers with a volutneer logging system.

What are your database services about?

We have extensive experience in developing and administering databases with specific expertise in Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and MySQL databases to cover server and client based database applications. If you need a design made for your software or a complete development please give us a call!


Partnering with us

Get paid to refer us

It’s natural to want to pass on the good work of people that your happy with, so we want to reward our happy customers for passing our name on.
To get started you need to activate your referral account, this is easy just login to your client area and click “Customer Referral Program” in the sub menu. Then click the activate button and that’s it.

After that there are 2 ways to refer us:
1. Word of mouth, simply login to your client area, under “Customer Referral Program” click on “Your coupon codes”. Under tha Add coupon section, create a coupon code (can be anything just keep it simple to pass on to your friends) and click Add. Now all you need to do is give your coupon code to your friends, and tell them to enter it at the checkout to get 5% off their invoice. You then also get 5% credit added to your account automatically, and then at some point you can withdraw it as money to your bank account or you can use it as credit for your own products or services with us.

2. Online link, at the top of the “Customer Referral Program” page, you’ll see your unique referrer url. Simply email this to to your friends, and when they click it will store your id. Then once they make a purchase you get a 5% credit of the sale. Unlinke word of mouth coupon codes, online links do not give them a discount on purchases, only you get a 5% credit for the referral

All referrals add a credit to your account, you can see how much credit you have by going to the customer referral program page in your client area. To make a withdrawal you must have at least $50 credit in your account and a button will appear to make the request for a withdrawal. We’ll then contact you to get your bank info for transfer.