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Computer SecurityWe are a proud authorised reseller for ESET Antivirus, Email & Internet security solutions. ESET is hands down one of the best antivirus’s out there as we use and strongly recommend it for its light weight, powerful and efficient engine that doesn’t slow your computer to a halt as many other large antivirus brands do such as Norton & McAfee. Below you’ll find out about what it is, about the company and its commitment to protecting its customers.

If you suspect your PC is already infected use the free ESET Online Scanner tool to take immediate counter measures then you may consider purchasing a package to continue full time protection of your digital world.

Where ESET came from.. Celebrating 25 years!

Continually evolving to face the latest threats, ESET is protecting nearly all operating systems – starting with MS DOS and going through Windows, Mac OS X, Symbian and Android. Today ESET solutions protect over 100 million devices daily, including computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and servers, no matter the operating system. Our solutions for home and business deliver real-time consistent level of protection against a vast array of existing and emerging malware.ESET Smart Security for Windows, and ESET Cyber Security Pro for MAC are the top of the line Antivirus security suites money can buy. We wouldn’t use anything else!

  • Low Memory Consumption
  • Fast Scanning Performance
  • ThreatSense.Net technology
  • Parental Control
  • Anti-theft technology to track your stolen laptop
  • Proactive detection keeping your computer / phone safe from malware
  • Social Media scanner to keep you safe using facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

About the company, its technology & passion for security

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