Dan the inevitable manG’day! in a nutshell I love to build technical based solutions for people who simply don’t have the time to figure out or understand the possibilities for whats out there to live a better lifestyle thanks to technology.

I’ve always had fun tinkering and playing with computers, the Internet and learning about ways to integrate everything for a better experience. Our lives are just going faster a so I aim to provide the answer to as many questions as I can while I’m around.

I pride myself on running an honest, true blue value driven business that continues to resolve the frustrating world of computers and technology for my customers. My aim is to give you simply the best advice I’ve gathered from a couple decades of education and experience in the IT industry. I’ve seen too many services out there that don’t have the drive to get your problems solved and tend take shortcuts with diagnosing issues as opposed to taking the time and getting it done right the first time.

This business was started as I’m passionate about helping people meet their needs by thinking outside the box, figuring out possibilities and sharing that knowledge. The Internet is an absolutely revolutionary invention – bringing us all into the information age. Information sharing just makes the world a better place enabling anyone to give back their knowledge.

Have an awesome day!